WordPress Vs. Joomla! – who’s the winner?

  WordPress or Joomla!? – it depends… There are tons of open source CMS platforms and some have more options than others. Two, that come very close in terms of pros and cons, are WordPress and Joomla! Content management systems come mainly in two categories: those that are easy to use and those that has […]

WordPress White Screen of Death fix solutions

There is a big chance that you encountered WordPress white screen of death at least once in your lifetime. The white screen of death is one of those problems when you can’t tell exactly what is the problem. This might be very frustrating for users because it locks you out of your WP admin panel too. Also, […]

Guide: Buying WordPress Themes – get the perfect one that works

Here and there, you end up with the WP theme that looked great as an installed demo, but once you buy it and start to edit it you realize that theme sucks and everything you get out of it is a nightmare. Remember Twin Peaks tv show? There was a line that says something like: […]

Images for your Web site

They say that image is worth 1000 words! It’s hard to imagine modern Web site without any photo or image. Partly because with the image you can explain unexplainable things, drive people emotionally and partly because it just looks nice and right. Whatever the reason, sooner or later you will have to use some images. […]

How to select the perfect theme?

Selecting the Perfect Theme for your business. Either you select the perfect theme for you or for your business, it will determine the future of your website and your business. As we all know, good theme with great design makes a good impression to your potential client or customer. But is design everything? What about Search […]