Guide: Buying WordPress Themes – get the perfect one that works


Here and there, you end up with the WP theme that looked great as an installed demo, but once you buy it and start to edit it you realize that theme sucks and everything you get out of it is a nightmare.

Remember Twin Peaks tv show? There was a line that says something like: “The owls are not what they seem”. So if the WordPress theme looks great, it doesn’t mean that it is.

There can be countless reasons for your dissatisfaction, but bugs are the most annoying one. Been there, done that but since then, i learnt a time and money saving lesson.

So there are few tips to follow, especially when you buy your stuff on themeforest:

1. Always check users ratings and never ever buy a WordPress theme that is rated less than 4 stars. Newer themes usually don’t have ratings because the system needs at least 3 or more ratings in order to display the results. so, sometimes, if you like the theme, wait a bit for it to get some rates or buy a theme that is few months old and do not worry if it’s a bit old. Themes usually get updates.

2. Read comments posted by users! First few comments are mostly: “great theme, good luck with sales” but if you dig a bit deeper, you will find out if there are faulty stuff like bugs, plugin incompatibilities, limitations of the themes and so on.

3. See if the author(s) provide help and support. Sometimes this is crucial! Also, check the comments to see how often and how fast support responds because sometimes you really don’t have the time to wait for the lazy/slow support.

4. Check the history of updates. Themes that are often updated means that you won’t be left alone with outdated WordPress theme after some time.

5. See if the theme is bundled with some great paid plugins! However, in order to update those plugins, you will need to download theme again to extract the new plugins, so we’re back to previous number: Is your theme updated on regular basis?

That’s all for now, happy WordPressing!!

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