How to select the perfect theme?


Selecting the Perfect Theme for your business.

Either you select the perfect theme for you or for your business, it will determine the future of your website and your business. As we all know, good theme with great design makes a good impression to your potential client or customer. But is design everything? What about Search Engine Optimization?

So here are few tips:

Use a theme that closely relates to your business niche

Obvious, right? You should buy a theme that relates to your needs, industry, or business. For example, if you are a blogger, you should go with very simple, generic theme and add a logo that matches and you are pretty much all set. If you are freelance photographer, use the theme that is rich with features related to images such as nice scrollers, carousels, lightbox plugins etc. Whatever you choose:

Strive for simplicity

There are many premium themes in the market that has a lot of great features. Usually it look very good , but it might be the bad choice  for functionality. If you really need a theme that has a lot, get a custom theme one because that is the only way you can get all the functionality you need. So go for a simple designs ’cause you will be able to modify it easily and your theme will display great in all common browsers.

Free vs Premium

There are a lot of great free themes for wordpress. In fact, we display new free themes once in a month. It is very important that you use the theme that is Premium-like but in the same time free. To do so, the best thing is to check our free section on regular basis. That way you will be sure that you’ll get great value for free. Yes, $0!

However, we strongly suggest that, if possible, you go with premium paid themes. They are not that expensive and price range is roughly from $30-$60. Small price for your new business that will make you a ton of dollars each month.

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