Images for your Web site

Photos and images for your website

They say that image is worth 1000 words!

It’s hard to imagine modern Web site without any photo or image. Partly because with the image you can explain unexplainable things, drive people emotionally and partly because it just looks nice and right. Whatever the reason, sooner or later you will have to use some images. There are, pretty much, few options that you can go with:

1. Use your own photos or images drawn by you

We all have some sort of digital camera nowadays. Even the cheapest mobile phone has one even though we suggest that you use a bit better camera than you find on cheapest phones. Advantages of using your own imagery is that you can “shoot” whatever you want or need right away. And it’s free. And you owe the rights of the image!

Sounds great, but as with everything in life, it has some cons too!

Sometimes you will need a photo of something that you can’t find in your surrounding. Let’s say you need a photo of the F-16 airplane fighter. There are small chances that one is parked in your backyard. Sucks, right?

2. Go with free photos and images on the internet

There are a lot of websites where people upload their photos and share them for free. Deviant Art, SXC… just to mention the few. Those are community driven portfolio sites where you can find fair good photos and draws for your Website. Just make sure that you read and understand terms of use and license well. Some people share their work for non-commercial use only and some of them give their art for free, no matter where and how will you use their work.

kolaz3. Paid stock photos

You will never go wrong if you buy some great stock photos. After all, they’re reviewed by the staff that sells the photos, they are full quality with great marketing value to your business. TakeĀ for example.

You can buy photos for as little as $1 for the smallest version of the photo (which is enough for almost 99% of your needs) and in some cases you will pay $2 if you need a bigger image for your header slider.

This image is available for purchase here.


google4. Images taken from google images

This one is, maybe, the easiest way. You search google images, download photo and voila! But, most of the images found on google images are copyrighted, owned by some real people or agencies. Of course, you can find a lot of free to use images as well, but it will take a lot of your precious time to check for license of every single image you download and in most of the cases you won’t be able to trace the owner of the photo so we strongly suggest you to avoid this option.

Whatever your choice is, you won’t mistake with nice and clean photos. They add so much to the content.

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