WordPress Vs. Joomla! – who’s the winner?


WordPress or Joomla!? – it depends…

There are tons of open source CMS platforms and some have more options than others. Two, that come very close in terms of pros and cons, are WordPress and Joomla! Content management systems come mainly in two categories: those that are easy to use and those that has a tons of functionality and customizability. In short, WordPress and Joomla! are two of the most used options out there.

The best websites today are powered by easy to use content management systems that allow you to build websites and make changes to a website without needing to touch a single line of code. Even though, basic knowledge of coding is a plus!

At the moment, WordPress is the most popular CMS in the world powering more than 300 millions of websites today while, on the other end, Joomla! runs somewhat between 20 and 30 millions of websites. That’s big difference, but why?

First off, WordPress is easier to use and you don’t have to be tech-geek in order to build website. Also, community is stronger and growing. Tons of available free and premium themes and plugins that will increase functionality of your WordPress platform. Joomla! has it’s own community with all mentioned before, but it’s smaller. But why? In short: Joomla! is more complex for non-tech individuals.

Let’s see some comparison:

Flexible for non-technical users to create and customize websitesGreat for complex content publishing sites. Modules allow endless customization.
Doesn't require high level of technical expertise. The backend is intuitive and easy to use.The interface isn't easy to get started with and the platform has a pretty steep learning curve.
Has a large, active community that contributes to plugin and theme development, forums and support.Has a smaller community that contributes to Joomla! templates as well as extensions.
Over 50000 free plugins and tons of free themes with premium alternatives.Over 10 free and paid extensions. Not to mention thousands of templates.


The comparison between those two comes down to two things:

  • your skill level,
  • complexity of your project.

WordPress has a pretty huge following and it’s easy to use: it’s easy to learn and not hard to find your way around. On the other hand Joomla! has a lot of similarities and is easy to use once you get to know it.

And the winner is…

Not so fast! We are WordPress users and it would be unfair to say that out loud. However – WordPress wins in the most important category: community!

To simplify thing: If you are looking to get started quickly with a simple business Website, WordPress is for you. If you have higher hopes and need something more unique then Joomla! might be your option.

ALSO! If you feel that you made wrong decision in selecting your CMS, it’s relatively easy to migrate from one to another. RELATIVELY!

Our choice: WordPress. We use it. Every day!


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